It is a dream of passion; a tale more than Alluring; a journey fused with the spellbinding Colors of an unrestrained imagination.

The late, great Coco Chanel once quipped, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

It is a story more than a decade in the making. A handful of idealists were drawn together by a shared belief that it was possible to provide an alternative to the ubiquitous, unfeeling, global contact lens corporations that saturated the market, all speaking in the same way, and selling without truly believing in the magic of their products to shift mindsets and change lives.

FreshKon® was founded with an even greater belief – that fashion should be more than the product it inhabits; that it should be a way of life. Because stunning eyes are the natural result of a beautiful inside -in turn derived from a radiant confidence and renewed perspectives.

Today, FreshKon holds true to the love affair it began with beautiful eyes -a romance which, many years on, is only just beginning. Widely renowned for its flagship labels- Alluring Eyes and Colors Fusion -whose resounding success turned them into household names, FreshKon spreads its gaze over 50 countries worldwide.

What then, truly embodies the spirit of FreshKon? That, we believe, is best answered by revisiting, and perhaps rewriting an all-too-familiar quote: FreshKon is not something that exists in eye wear only – it is in the skies, in the streets; it has to do with ideas and passion, with what is happening around us; with the way we see the world – it is a way of life. But more than that, it is about you; your confidence, your voice, the shade of your personality, what you choose to believe in and how your idea of perfection shapes your life.